RED be continued in a different way

Yes!! We will still be holding our sales, the first to be announced in the spring 2018. More later!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016


An old picture!
Over the years the years some major improvements were made to the original Red Barn, and we loved filling it full of the antiques and collectibles you all loved each spring and fall!

Sadly, it's time to give up using the barn and having the really expansive sales we have been having for 17 years!....It has been such a fun time and there will be some smaller sales  happening in the future, (not in the barn) so be sure you're on the email list!!
All of you!! We have had a loyal clientele over the years and each year a new clientele that regretted not knowing about us earlier!
THANK YOU! for all your support and it was so much fun greeting you again, each spring and fall!
For each and every one of you that helped out at each sale!! It is alot of work and your time and effort has always been much appreciated! Oh my though!! It was always fun!!
So that's it!! We hope to see you at a later date and we will let you  know just when! Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lots of RED DOTS at the Red Barn!!

Only 2 more days and it's the end!! The end of our bi-annual sales at the Red Barn! We were still re-stocking and have marked down many items from glass to furniture!!

Last chance!! After Saturday at 5:00 that's it!!

We will let you know next year just what we will be doing, it will be much smaller.
Thanks for your support through the years and come on down for some great deals!! Click on the picture below to go to the latest album on flickr.

Let's Sell it All !! Last Barn Sale!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

First Day of the Sale....Awesome!!

We had a great opening, so nice to see our old friends!! Many are sad to know this is our last big Red Barn Sale, but there will be something happening by next fall and we will let you know! 
Here is the new album, mainly taken outside and inside the Red Shed!! Items fly out of there! 
We will still be restocking the barn, and we would like to start fresh next year and it will be a smaller sale, so come on down more than once!!
Click on the picture below to go to the album on Flickr ....

More Fall Sale 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

Our Last Sale in the Red Barn!!

Yes! our final big RED BARN Sale!
We have had so much fun and met so many wonderful people over the last 17 years's time.........this will be our final big sale.
We will be doing something different next year, a sale on a smaller scale but with the same quality, unique, well priced merchandise.
We will let you know by email.
We will be "cleaning out"  the barn so to speak this week, so there will be a certain amount of items that have been reduced and you'll find the usual really great buys!
Don't miss! 
Click on the picture below to go to our Fall Sale 2016 album on Flickr. Pictures taken today September 26th. 


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August already? Fall is just around the corner!

The time between the last post, when we just started the spring sale, and now...............when we are posting the dates of the fall sale.....well,  it seems like the days just disappeared!

We look forward to the coming sale, we have been busy "gathering" and as usual we will be offering the greatest vintage and antique items!!

See you then!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Yes,  and a few more pictures were taken this morning, click on the picture to view,  but for the main lot of them look at the post below from June 6th.
Make sure you get out to the sale! It is as amazing as ever with so many beautiful items at such great prices!
 June 7 a few more pictures

Monday, June 6, 2016

SPRING 2016 Are you ready??? It's gonna be great!!

Off to the barn today to take some pictures for you to preview!! Needless to say, it will be fabulous!!
It is unbelievable what can still be found if you hunt hard enough!
We have done the hunting, so take a ride and join the fun at 
If you click on the picture below, it will take you to the album of pictures taken today inside the Red Barn, outside and a bit of inside the Red Shed, and a bit of the Garden Shed!! 
There are more than 50 pictures there for you to look at! 
Don't worry, we have lots for restocking each day!! 
SPRING 2016 is almost ready!


Friday, October 2, 2015


well, here's your chance!!
This antique spinning wheel is more of a show piece, as it has missing parts, but it sure is a beauty for decorating!! I should have moved that table out of the way before taking the picture.

It just moved into the barn Thursday, along with many new items.
Only today, Friday, and tomorrow to come on down!! Here are some pictures to have a look at. The newest album is titled "on the home stretch......"

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


 YES! We are busy restocking! The weather was just great for a ride out to the Red Barn Sale! We will carry on until Saturday, so we hope to see you again or for the first time!!
Pictures were taken of the final setup in the barn,  many items will now be gone, but we do replace them with many more!!


Monday, September 28, 2015


As I post this, the barn is still being filled with wonderful treasures!! I can't wait to see the finished product!
There is way more smalls to be put out and don't forget we have more to put out through the week!!
Yes, really!! this is how it looks at the entrance and the sale starts tomorrow!!
Not to worry!! 
Look at the pictures in the new album on flickr, lots to look at even if we have not yet finished setting up.
Pictures taken in the Red Barn and out and in the Red Shed.
See you tomorrow!! 3:00 p.m. Tuesday Sept 29th!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

5 more sleeps til the sale and lots to do!

We are far from ready, but it is coming together nicely in the barn.
Don't forget we also have the Red Shed which is filling up nicely!
There are just a few pictures taken in the barn posted to the Flickr site.
Go to the newest album.......Fall 2015
Just a hint of what's to come!!
A more complete collection should be posted before opening on Tuesday afternoon. It takes time to get completely set up.